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Sanjay leads three diverse ensembles, Sanjay Divecha & Secret, MERKABA, and his Trio.
Each of these is a separate sonic stream that brings out his ability to seamlessly fuse diverse elements and genres.

Having started his musical journey in Mumbai, Sanjay moved to Los Angeles in 1987 and was a part of the musical fabric there for the next 15 years. He is an alumnus (1989) of the Musician’s Institute (M.I.) in Los Angeles.

Moving back to India in 2003, Sanjay now continues to perform, compose, and arrange music for his own bands as well as for films, advertisements and other commercial project. He also mentors musicians from all over the country. Apart from guitar players, Sanjay's students include musicians and singers of all disciplines. 

He gives private lessons and holds workshops to develop musicality and a well rounded aesthetic sensibility in musicians. 

Sanjay Divecha is one of the most revered guitar players in India - a unique and compelling voice as a player and composer. An intrepid traveler on a long journey filled with experiences, Sanjay's quest has brought him face to face with legends, visionaries and doyens. Sanjay is a part of the hugely successful supergroup CROSSCURRENTS  led by Zakir Hussain and featuring stalwarts such as Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Shankar Mahadevan, Louiz Banks and Gino Banks.

Through a luminous 35 year long career, Sanjay has worked with artists such as Angelique Kidjo, Carlos Santana, Dave Weckl, Louis Johnson, Dumazz and Sambaguru among others.

He also collaborated with A.R. Rahman on the Danny Boyle movie “127 Hours” that won ‘Best Original Score’, the OST for the movie “Woman on Top” and has also scored for the movie ‘Leela’ by Somnath Sen which won a Special Jury Award at Toronto Reel World Film Festival.



Crosscurrents on tour with Zakir Hussain, Dave Holland, Chris Potter and Sanjay Divecha

Photo by Chris Hovan

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